Institute of Archaeology


Institute research to be presented in interdisciplinary colloquium on 'Gold'

5 February 2018

Institute research will be presented as part of an interdisciplinary colloquium on the theme of 'Gold', being held at UCL on 9 February.

Presentations will address the changing economies of gold and its role within larger economies of all kinds including, but not restricted to, those of finance, global trade, luxury, aesthetics and technology. At a moment in which gold has gained a renewed visibility in global markets, high street fashion and in the contemporary art world, and its properties are instrumentalised in medicine as well as in digital and nano-technologies, historical perspectives on gold remain as vital as ever.

Elizabeth Baquedano (Honorary Senior Lecturer) will give a presentation on War and Afterlife: Gold in Postclassic Mesoamerica while Marcos Martinón-Torres will present his research entitled Beyond El Dorado: The allure of gold among indigenous communities of South America and European colonists.

Organised by the UCL History of Art Department, this half-day conference is designed to develop a network of UCL researchers interested in gold as a physical material and signifier of value across temporal, geographical, and disciplinary fields with discussions bridging not only Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences, but also medical science, digital technology and contemporary artistic practice.

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