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TAG@UCL-IoA: Conference Timetable

The TAG@UCL-IoA Conference Timetable is now available. The TAG Programme Book is also available to download.

Conference Timetable

ROOMMon. Dec. 16th
13:30 to 17:00
Tue. Dec. 17th
09:30 to 13:00
Tue. Dec. 17th
14:00 to 17:30
Wed. Dec. 18th
09:30 to 13:00
Wed. Dec. 18th
14:00 to 17:30
802/43 | Archaeology, ancestry, and human genomics – a panel debate
Organisers: David Wengrow; UCL • Brenna Hassett; UCL • Pontus Skoglund; Francis Crick Institute • Selina Brace; Natural History Museum
11 | Mythical past, dangerous present: Challenging nationalism’s relationships with archaeology and history
Organisers: Kenny Brophy; University of Glasgow • Mark Hobbs; University of East Anglia • Lorna Richardson; University of East Anglia
43 | Women and Power? From Conversation to Action
Organisers: Penny Coombe; University of Oxford • Cecilia Dal Zovo; CSIC • Beth Hodgett; Birkbeck College, University of London & Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.
22 | Archaeology of Inequality ― Themes, Debates, Methodologies
Organisers: Vesa Arponen; University of Kiel • Artur Ribeiro; University of Kiel
51 | Conceptualising Resistance in Archaeology: From Prehistory to Occupying Wall Street
Organisers: Manuel Fernández-Götz; University of Edinburgh • Guillermo Diaz de Liano del Valle; University of Edinburgh • Felipe Criado-Boado; CSIC • Carlos Tejerizo-García; Incipit-CSIC
72853 | Animals and humans: power, knowledge and agency
Organisers: Andrew Reid; UCL • Joanna Lawrence; University of Cambridge • Mariana B. Muñoz-Rodríguez; University of York • Claire Ratican; University of Cambridge • Laerke Recht; University of Cambridge
34 | Playing with the past, practising for the future : A workshop for experimental community archaeology
Organisers: Penelope Foreman; Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust • Penelope Foreman; Enabled Archaeology • Hanna Marie Pageau; University of Cardiff • Lara Band; MOLA • William Rathouse; MOLA • Gavin MacGregor; University of Glasgow
38 | The social production of money: archaeological perspectives
Organisers: Murray Andrews; UCL • Olav Gundersen; Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
40 | Excavating Archaeology: The Power of Process
Organisers: Abbey Ellis; University of Leicester and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford • Beth Hodgett; Birkbeck College, University of London & Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.
2 | The Materiality of Folklore and Traditional Practices
Organisers: David Petts; Durham University • Dr. Katy Soar; University of Winchester
731/6NANA35 | Sensory Archaeology across Space and Time
Organisers: Nicky Garland; Newcastle University • Dr Giacomo Savani; University College Dublin • Adam Parker (PhD Candidate); Open University
24 | FFS!!! - Keep Calm and Carry On??? Regaining Emotion in Archaeological Discourse
Organisers: Cat Rees; RESPECT • Penelope Foreman; Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust • Penelope Foreman; Enabled Archaeology • Kayt Hawkins; Archaeology South-East and UCL • Aisling Nash; Independent Researcher
23 | Museum Archaeology: Thinking Through Collections
Organisers: Alice Stevenson; UCL • Morag Kersel; DePaul University
73955 | Archaeology and Wellbeing – digging into your mind, body, and soul, and what it can mean for your project, class or business
Organisers: Mark Evans, Chief Executive / Co-founder; Waterloo Uncovered
9 | Archaeological Activists and the Untold Histories of Archaeology
Organisers: Hannah Cobb; University of Manchester • Duncan Brown; Historic England
41 | Palaeolithic societies, sociality and social life: archaeological perspectives 20 years after Gamble (1999)
Organisers: Jenni French; UCL • Fiona Coward; Bournemouth University
18 | Minds in situ: Material Approaches to Cognition in the Past
Organisers: Dr Cory Stade; University of Southampton • Taryn Bell; University of York
42 | Fact or fiction: the power of communities with knowledge of their pasts
Organisers: David Jennings; University of York • Harald Fredheim; University of York
777/8025 | Radical Archaeology: What is it? How do we do it? Why do we need it?
Organisers: Rebecca Hearne; University of Sheffield • Umberto Albarella; University of Sheffield
46 | Archaeology and heritage studies in, of, and after the Anthropocene
Organisers: Rodney Harrison; University College London
47 | Persistent Pasts: Engaging with Conflict Legacies in the Present
Organisers: Esther Breithoff; Birkbeck, University of London
37 | Curriculum Wars: Edutainment, Employability, Critical Thinking? New Archaeological Pedagogies of Power, Knowledge and Accessibility
Organisers: Caradoc Peters; Truro College, University of Plymouth • Sally Herriett; Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Bristol / Truro College, University of Plymouth • Stuart Falconer; Open University / Truro College, University of Plymouth • Caitlin Kitchener; University of York
17 | Investigating industrial pasts and legacies from multi- and interdisciplinary perspective
Organisers: Hilary Orange; Independent • Mike Nevell; University of Salford • Hanna Steyne; University of Manchester
78452 | Archaeologies of Marginality
Organisers: Elisa Perego; UCL • Andrew Reynolds; UCL • Andy Gardner; UCL
14 | Capacious Archaeologies
Organisers: Ing-Marie Back Danielsson; Uppsala University, Sweden • Andrew Meirion Jones; University of Southampton • Ben Jervis; Cardiff University
27 | The treatment of the dead in current archaeological practice: exploring knowledge gain, value and the ethical treatment of remains from burial ground excavations for HS2 in a national and international context
Organisers: Michael Court; HS2 • Andrea Bradley; HS2 Ltd. • John Halsted; HS2
19 | Pathways to post-conflict remembrance
Organisers: Luisa Nienhaus; UCL Institute of Archaeology • Lisheng Zhang; UCL
50 | Erased from the Past: Bringing marginalised people into Archaeology
Organisers: Miller Power; Durham University • Zena Kamash; Royal Holloway University
790NANA29 | Power over Practice in the Contracting Sector
Organisers: Sadie Watson; MOLA
NA28 | Beyond Biographies: Composite things in time and space
Organisers: Helen Chittock; AOC Archaeology Group • Matt Hitchcock; University of Manchester • Matthew G. Knight; National Museums Scotland
82244 | Power Play: Archaeology and Games
Organisers: Florence Smith Nicholls; Independent Scholar • Sara Stewart; Independent Researcher
NA32 | If wisdom *sits* in places, does that mean it has a body? Scalar links between mobility, embodiment, and archaeological knowledge
Organisers: Alanna Warner-Smith (Doctoral Candidate); Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University • Kate Franklin; Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck, University of London
7 | Powerful artefacts in time and space
Organisers: Anne Teather; British Women Archaeologists (BWA) • Tess Machling; Independent Researcher • Peter Wells; University of Minnesota
5 | Demography, Migration, Interaction: New Archaeological Narratives for the Past and the Present
Organisers: Ana Catarina Vital; UCL Institute of Archaeology • Gwendoline Maurer; UCL Institute of Archaeology
8264 | New feminisms? Radical post-humanist archaeologies
Organisers: Rachel Crellin; University of Leicester • Hannah Cobb; University of Manchester
45 | The Decolonisation of Archaeology and Archaeological Collections within museums
Organisers: Benjamina Dadzie; Independent Researcher • Laura Hampden; Museum Detox • Laura Hampden; Historic England, Museum Detox, CIfA Equality and Diversity Group
10 | Archaeologia Hookland: the archaeology of a lost County in England
Organisers: Kenny Brophy; University of Glasgow • Dr. Katy Soar; University of Winchester
49 | Publishing Power
Organisers: Lisa Lodwick; University of Oxford • Zena Kamash; Royal Holloway University
8 | The politics of things, agencies, and ontologies: finding common ground
Organisers: Andy Gardner; UCL • Oliver Harris; University of Leicester
82826 | Debating power and knowledge in archaeological curricula: A student-staff joint forum
Organisers: Rachel King; UCL Institute of Archaeology • Alice Stevenson; UCL
20 | Gender and power in developer-funded archaeology
Organisers: Francesca Mazzilli; Cambridge Archaeological Unit • Leah Hewerdine; Royal Holloway
16 | What counts as knowledge in the museum and heritage sector, and how can this influence the quality of decision-making using diverse sources of knowledge and evidence?
Organisers: Theano Moussouri; UCL • Raffaella Cecilia; UCL • Ellen Pavey; UCL • Hana Morel; UCL
6 | The Lives and Deaths of Historic Buildings: Biographical Approaches to Recording and Interpretation
Organisers: Karen Fielder; Weald & Downland Living Museum • Michael Shapland; UCL
13 | Micro-worlds, materiality and human behaviour: Magnifying material science in explanations of technology
Organisers: Miljana Radivojević; UCL Institute of Archaeology • Mike Charlton; UCL Institute of Archaeology
Clarke Hall (Level 3)54 | What have we done for the Romans?
Organisers: Kim Biddulph, Project Manager; City of London Corporation • Howard Benge, Public Programmes Manager; City of London Corporation • Jackie Kiely, Senior Curator Prehistory and Roman; Museum of London • Jane Sidell; Historic England
15 | archaeological architectures - architectural archaeologies
Organisers: Lesley McFadyen; Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck • Alessandro Zambelli; School of Architecture, University of Portsmouth
33 | Reassessing the Archaeology of Religion
Organisers: Brooke Creager; University of Minnesota • Peter Kahlke Olesen; University of Copenhagen
39 | Archaeology and the camera truelle: theorising archaeology through the moving image
Organisers: Kate Rogers; Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton • Angela Piccini; University of Bristol • Tanya Freke; SCAPE
30 | Tropicalís(i)mo: exploring comparative archaeologies between Amazonia and the Maya lowlands
Organisers: Manuel Arroyo Kalin; UCL • Eva Jobbova; UCD
W3.05 (Level 3)31 | Archaeology and Heritage in Populist Nationalist Constructions, Projections, and Justifications of Otherness
Organisers: Barbora Žiačková; University of Oxford • Ole F. Nordland; UCL • Chiara Bonacchi; University of Sterling
W3.06 (Level 3)21 | Challenging narratives and legacies in the archaeology and heritage of the Middle East and North Africa
Organisers: Ikram Ghabriel; UCL • Chloë Ward; UCL