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Table, Seat and Platform. Discoveries in the Roman-Byzantine Synagogue at Horvat Kur (Galilee)

12 June 2019, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

Mosaic fragment depicting a menorah from the Horvat Kur synagogue. Image courtesy of the Kinneret Regional Project.

The UCL Institute of Archaeology and Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society will jointly host a lecture by Jürgen Zangenberg (Leiden University) on 12 June.

This event is free.

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Dr Rachael Sparks


Archaeology Lecture Theatre G6
Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square
United Kingdom

Since 2007, the Kinneret Regional Project has conducted archaeological explorations on the Galilean hill site at Horvat Kur, 2km northwest of the Lake of Galilee. Searching for a Hellenistic-Roman village, the team discovered a Late Roman-Byzantine synagogue instead, which was fully excavated between 2010 and 2018. The excavations brought very interesting finds to light: remains of a bimah, an enigmatic stone table with decoration, a stone seat of the community leader, indications for a balcony, fragments of a mosaic with the depiction of a menorah and a few surprises. They also shed light on everyday Jewish village life and liturgy in the Byzantine period. Come hear more about these exciting discoveries.

Jürgen Zangenberg is Professor for the History and Culture of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity at Leiden University, and co-director of excavations at Tel Kinrot and Horvat Kur in the Galilee, part of the wider Kinneret Regional Project.

The lecture will finish approximately 7:00 pm, followed by questions, then a wine reception; all welcome. Admission free without ticket.

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