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Islamic Archaeology Day 2019

02 February 2019, 11:00 am–6:00 pm

Islamic Archaeology Day 2019

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UCL Institute of Archaeology

The 5th annual Islamic Archaeology Day co-hosted by SOAS and UCL will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on Saturday 2 February.

The workshop presents papers on the latest archaeological research across the Islamic world and will be followed by a drinks reception.

Organisers: Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS), Scott Redford (SOAS), Tim Williams (UCL)


Session 1 (Chair: Tim Williams)

  • 11:00: Introduction
  • 11:15: The Dawn of Islam in the Arabian/Persian Gulf. The Earliest Islamic Site in Qatar? (Jose Carvajal Lopez, University of Leicester & Faisal al-Naimi, Qatar Museums)
  • 11:40: The Arab Invasion of the Otrar oasis, Kazakhstan: the evidence from the city of Kuik-Mardan (Giles Dawkes, UCL, Gaygysyz Jorayev, UCL, Mark Macklin, University of Aberystwyth & Willem Toonen, University of Aberystwyth)
  • 12:05: Surveying 'Anjar: new light on an enigmatic Umayyad foundation (Alia Santi, Sapienza University of Rome)
  • 12:30: The island city of Tinnis: regional significance and chronological development (Alison Gascoigne, University of Southampton and John Cooper, University of Exeter)

1:00: Lunch (provided)

Session 2 - (Chair: Scott Redford)

  • 2:00: 'Race' and dynamics of the body from the maqbara at Écija (Andalucía) (Sonia Zakrzewski, Southampton and Sarah Inskip, Cambridge)
  • 2:25: The use of tin- and antimony-based yellow and white opacifiers in Islamic glazed ceramics (Michael Tite, Oxford, Elena Salinas, UPC Barcelona, Trinitat Pradell, UPC Barcelona & Moujan Matin, Oxford)
  • 2:50: Al-Raqqa and glass production for the Silk Road? (Julian Henderson, University of Nottingham
  • 3:15: Quarrying the Roman City: an Islamic village at Utica (Tunisia) (Elizabeth Fentress, UCL and Corisande Fenwick, UCL)

3:45: Tea break

Session 3 - (Chair: Hugh Kennedy)

  • 4:15: Land behind Mosul: Islamic settlement, landscape, and material culture in Northern Iraq (Cristina Tonghini, Ca Foscari, Venice)
  • 4:40: The transformation of the northern Moroccan landscape in the Islamic period (Gaetano Palumbo, UCL-Qatar, Aomar Akerraz, INSAP, Abdelaziz Al-Khayari, INSAP, Victoria Amoros-Ruiz, University of Alicante, Layla Es-Sadra, Université Mohammed V, Rabat, Abdallah Fili, INSAP)
  • 5:05: Islamic archaeology in the Maldives, Indian Ocean - a first characterisation of medieval settlements (Annalisa Christie, UCD, Anne Haour, UEA, Shiura Jaufar, UEA)
  • 5:30: Documentation, Conservation & Reconstruction of Islamic Heritage in Post-ISIS Mosul, Iraq (Andy Miller, UNESCO Office in Iraq)

6-7pm: Reception

7 :15pm: Dinner (for those who have pre-booked) at a local restaurant


For reduced early-bird tickets, please register before Friday 11 January 2019

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