Corpus Refs:Macalister/1945:31
Discovery:first mentioned, 1940 Pilsworth, W.J.
History:Macalister/1945, 35: `Discovered by Mr. W.J. Pilsworth of Thomastown, and by him reported to the R.S.A.I.'.
Geology:Macalister/1945, 35--36: `grit'.
Dimensions:2.06 x 0.76 x 0.5 (converted from Macalister/1945)
Setting:in ground
Macalister/1945, 36: `A distant view of it can be obtained on the road leading from Inistiogue to Graiguenamanagh, at the second gate on the north (left hand) side after passing Fiddaun Bridge: it is in the fourth field from the road up the hill-slope on that side...It is suggestive that this stone stands within seven miles of the boundary of Idrone East, Co. Carlow, the name of which may possibly, in some way, embody a reference to the family of the owner of this monument'.

Gippert/Web, Ogham 31: `The stone stands in a field below a recently planted forest, high off the road'.

Condition:complete , good
Macalister/1945, 36: `suffered badly from cattle and weather-wear, and the last name, as so frequently, has been wilfully mutilated'.
Decorations:no other decoration



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Macalister, R.A.S. (1945):DRUGNOMAQIMU ||| COI[--]NAMI
Macalister/1945 35--36 reading only
Ziegler/1994 255 reading only
Gippert, J. (1978):DRU[G][--
Gippert/Web Ogham 31 reading only [Gippert 31]


Orientation:vertical up along down
Position:W ; arris ; mixed ; undecorated
Macalister/1945, 35--36, notes that the scores were `apparently pocked, in broad shallow lines'.
Date:400 - 500 (Ziegler/1994)
Language:Goidelic (ogham)
Ling. Notes:See McManus/1991, 107.
Palaeography:Macalister/1945, 36: `DRU and G1 quite clear. Of G2 only the H-half is certain; the B-half not so clear, and an uncut bar of rock on the edge interrupts the score awkwardly: but I cannot think of any other way of interpreting the indications. N traceable, rather widely spaced, on a surface worn nearly smoth by cattle rubbing. OMA also traceable, though for the same reason indistinct. The comes a space of 6", passed over by the stone-cutter to avoid a hard projecting boss of stone on the edge, after which is QI, quite clear, though the I-notches have been prolonged by weathering to a deceptive appearance of a second Q. Top of stone chipped: the M just traceable there, but the U gone. COI clear at the top of the right angle, tough a fractire makes the C at first sight look like a Q. A piece has been broken from the angle after the I and 1' 8" of it has thus been lost, with the beginning of the final name: this ended NAMI, but of the N only N45 are certain, owing to the injury and the generally worn condition of the stone'.
Macalister/1945, 35--36, notes that the markings have, `suffered badly from cattle and weather-wear, and the last name, as so frequently, has been wilfully mutilated'.

See McManus/1991, 172, note 32 in respect to the idea of 'mutilation' on this stone.

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