Site: Worthyvale

Name:Worthyvale [Also: Slaughterbridge] CISP No:WVALE
Place:Slaughterbridge Grid Ref:SX 1092 8568 (GB)   Map
Parish:Minster Stones:1
County:Cornwall (Kernow) , England Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Okasha/1993, 333, describes how the first recorded location of the stone was its use as part of a footbridge at Slaughterbridge. We do not know the original location.

Worthyvale manor is mentioned in the Domesday book as /Guerdevalan/ (Thomas/1994, 307) and is thought by Thomas to have been prime agricultural land.

Nearby, in the early 18th century, Lady Dowager Falmouth created a kind of hill with spiral walks to which the stone was removed as decoration (Macalister/1945, 447, and Okasha/1993, 333).