Site: Treslothan

Name:Treslothan [Also: Pendarves] CISP No:TSLTN
Place:Camborne Grid Ref:SV 6506 3781 (GB)
Parish:Altarnun Stones:1
County:Cornwall (Kernow) , England Saint(s):James
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Landgon/Allen/1895, 51, record the site as Pendarves, 2 miles south of Camborne.

Possibly the ruined chapel of St James, Treslothan (Okasha/1993, 307).

Thomas/1967a, 64--67, gives a description and history of the chapel.

Thomas/1967a, 64, gives a brief discussion of the history of the chapel, and the surrounding area from the first references of the thirteenth century through to 1842.