Site: Trawsfynydd

Name:Trawsfynydd CISP No:TRWSF
Place:Trawsfynydd Grid Ref:SH 7142 3505 (GB)   Map
Parish:Trawsfynydd Stones:1
County:Merionethshire (Meirionnydd) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:other

Site Notes

Hemp/Gresham/1961, 154-155: ` The [find] spot is 400 yds. west-north-west of the farmhouse, and 120 yds. north-east from Bench Mark 673.3...this is about 200 yds. south of the left bank of the Afon Prysor, a short distance above Pont Trawsfynydd, and must be close to the line of the Roman road, which probably crossed the river not far away...

`The find spot of this stone, near the banks of the Afon Prysor, makes it reasonable to assume that the inscription originally marked a grave placed beside the Roman road, which leads southwards from the fort at Tomen y mur, 2 1/2 miles distant, to cross the river somewhere close at hand. No certain traces of the road are now visible on either bank to locate the crossing exactly, although the words Sarn Helen were formerly marked on the 6-in. Ordnance Survey map at a point 150 yds. north-east of the find-spot...Close beside the same road, 2 1/2 miles along its course from Bryn Goleu to the south-south-east, formerly stood the well-known Porius Stone, now at Cardiff'.