Site: Stackpole Elidyr

Name:Stackpole Elidyr [Also: Cheriton ; Stackpole Elidur] CISP No:SPOLE
Place:Stackpole Elidyr Grid Ref:SR 9873 9729 (GB)   Map
Parish:Stackpole Elidyr Stones:1
County:Pembrokeshire (Penfro) , Wales Saint(s):James ; Teilo ; Elidyr ; Eliud
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Westwood/1879, 109--110: `On the south side of the chancel of the church of Stackpole-Elidyr or Cheriton, restored by the late Earl of Cawdor by Sir G. G. Scott, is a small chantry in which the original stone altar is preserved'. [Now thought to be a reused stone].

RCAHMW/1925, 387--388: `On plan this building is cruciform, having nave...chancel...a south (the Lort) chapel...south transept, north transept...and tower at west end of the north transept. The tower, of four storeys, all vaulted, has the usual corbel table and parapet. It tapers slightly from ground levels to the corbels. At its north-west angle is a turret containing ninety-four steps. Both transepts and the Lort chapel are vaulted; the transepts have squints to the chancel. In the south transept is a piscina with trefoiled head. The nave was rebuilt in 1851 upon its old foundations; it has no windows on its northern side; at the east end of the south wall is a corbel and a high window connected with the rood loft. All the windows and arches to chancel and transepts have been modernised. The font is also modern, and nothing known of its predecessor. The entrance is by a door in the south wall; doorway and porch are renewals'.