Site: Seaford

Name:Seaford CISP No:SFORD
Place:inc Grid Ref:J 4070 4220 (IR)   Map
Parish:Kinelarty Stones:1
County:Down (An Dún) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:souterrain

Site Notes

Petrie/1878, 72: `SEAFORD. The village of this name is situated in the parish of Loughin island, barony of Kinelarty, the county of Down. In the Statistical Survey of this county by the Rev. John Dubourdieu, a rath is described as situated near the church of Seaford, inside which a cave was found to exist, containing a stone, which evidently bore a Christian inscription. The passage is as follows:-- `The cave was about thirty yards long, with a circular apartment on one side towards the extremity, and a square apartment on the other, little nearer the entrance, both covered with roofs of stone. The cave having been destroyed before I saw it, I could not get exact dimensions; I heard it was about three or four feet in width, and about four in height. On a stone at the further end was the following inscription...The fort in which it is situated is within sight of the Danish Castle of Clough''.

Macalister/1949, 121: `a souterrain in an earthern fort near Seaford church'.