Site: St Dogwells, Little Trefgarne

Name:St Dogwells, Little Trefgarne (Trefgarn Fach) CISP No:SDOGW
Place:inc Grid Ref:SM 9640 2420 (GB)   Map
Parish:St Dogwells Stones:1
County:Pembrokeshire (Penfro) , Wales Saint(s):Dogwell
Site Type:modern secondary

Site Notes

Nash-Williams/1950, 213, has the site listed as St. Dogmael's (a typographic error?) and Westwood/1879, 105, places the site in his Pembrokeshire section, but cites it as being in Carmarthenshire

Allen/1896, 282, lists the parish as Spittal (not St. Dogwells or St. David's).

Allen/1876, 54: `Little Trefgarne is situated on the high land on the east bank of the Western Cleddau, and is a mile and a half from Trefgarne Bridge on the Haverfordwest and Fishguard road. The river Cleddau rises in the north of Pembrokeshire, and intersects the tail of Preceli range of mountains, six miles from Haverfordwest, passing between precipitous cliffs known as Trefgarne Rocks, near which the scenery is most wild and romantic. The stone in question is near the brow of a hill, forming the east side of the pass, and a glance at the ordinance map will show how rich the neighbourhood is in prehistoric remains'.

Westwood/1879, 105: `on the road leading up to Little Trefgarne, a few hundred yards from the farm-house a mile and a half from Trefgarne bridge, near the brow of the hill forming the east side of the pass over Trefgarne rocks'.