Site: Ballaqueeney

Name:Ballaqueeney [Also: Rushen ; The Chronk] CISP No:RUSHN
Place:Port St Mary Grid Ref:SC 2000 6800 (GB)   Map
Parish:Rushen Stones:2
County:Isle of Man (Ellan Vannin/Ynys Manaw) , Isle of Man Saint(s):none
Site Type:cemetery

Site Notes

Kermode/1907, 96, describes the site as an ancient burial ground.

Kermode/1907, 96: `Ballaqueeny, a farm adjoining the Port St. Mary Railway Station...a bank in which was an ancient burial ground was being removed for ballast in the formation of the railroad. The section of the mound showed the different layers of gravel deposited in prehistoric days by the tide flowing in from the north-east, and it might still have been a landing place within historic times, and one of the earliest settlements on the Island. Beneath two flags on the floor of the old Keeil, in the midst of the burial ground was an accumulation of ashes, probably remains of cremation in earlier pre-Christian days. Near by were found a number of coins -- Edmund, Edred, and Edwy (941-959) and one of Charles the Simple of France (893-929). Many lintel graves were met with formed of thin slabs of the local slaty stone'.

Bruce/1968, 55--59 gives a full discussion of the site, including a map. He also discusses the further lintel graves discovered at the site between 1888 and 1939.