Site: Ystrad mountain

Name:Ystrad mountain [Also: Llanddetty] CISP No:PONTS
Place:inc Grid Ref:SO 730 1320 (GB)   Map
Parish:Pontsticill Stones:1
County:Brecknock (Brycheiniog) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Lhwyd/1910, 90: `On Ystrad mountain in ye parish of Llandhetty'. Webley/1957, 120: `The stone lies about half a mile up the Cwm Criban valley which opens up and gets less steep just below this point. The site is a flat plateau of land strewn with boulders, 1,500 ft. above sea level. To the west the Waen Rydd moor gently slopes up an away to the Callen valley and the Dolygaer hillfort. To the east the stone is overlooked by the Cwar yr Ystrad limestone outcrop. Near the stone are three round cairns of typical Bronze Age construction. All are wrecked, but their presence there testifies to the age of human occupation in the area. Further up the valley is a sub-rectangular enclosure known as Buarth-y-caerau set slightly into the side of the valley where it rises away to the Waen Rydd. It is about 100 ft. long by 50 ft. wide. It may be an outpost or animal enclosure connected with the Dolygaer hillfort'.