Site: Poltaloch

Name:Poltaloch CISP No:POLCH
Place:Poltaloch Grid Ref:NR 8200 9710 (GB)   Map
Parish:Kilmartin Stones:1
County:Argyll , Scotland Saint(s):Ciarán
Site Type:settlement

Site Notes

Forsyth/1996, 443--444: `Bruach an Druimein, 500m south-west of the North Lodge, Poltalloch...The complex, multi-period site at Bruach an Druimein was never fully investigated and is still not fully understood ...The nature and status of the site remains to be established. .. Evidence for high level craft-production on site is provided by a crucible and a fragment of decorated slate, possibly a trial piece. The whetstones may be paralleled at nearby Dunadd and Loch Glashan crannog, the iron knife blades at Dunadd. Contact with Ireland is indicated by a fragment of a fine glass from the eighth or ninth centuries ... not to mention the ogham inscription. The imported pottery, which may have arrived via Dunadd, implies elevated social status. Clearly this was more than just an 'ordinary settlement'.