Site: Penmorfa

Name:Penmorfa [Also: Gesel Gyfarch] CISP No:PMRFA
Place:Penmorfa Grid Ref:SH 5400 4170 (GB)   Map
Parish:Dolbenmaen Stones:1
County:Caernarvonshire (Caernarfon) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:modern secondary

Site Notes

RCAHMW/1960, 65: `Dolbenmaen is a large parish incorporating also the former parishes of Llanfihangel-y-Pennant and Penmorfa. The S. part of the parish is low-lying and generally agricultural; the N. part is mountainous, penetrated by the valleys of Pennant and Ystradllyn'.

Rhys/1882, 161--162: `[The stone] had been the lintel of a beudy, or cowhouse, which was built in a very peculiar manner, and thought to be at least five hundred years old. It stood in a field called Cefn y Gelli...Mr Drinkwater further noticed a strange enclosure to the south of the house of Gesail, and above it an evidently sepulchral arrangement which he thinks well worth examining. It stands to the south-west of the house of Gesail, on higher ground'.

The cow-house was demolished in 1881 (Rhys/1882, 161).