Site: Plumergat

Name:Plumergat (Pluvergad) CISP No:PLMGT
Place:Plumergat (Pluvergad) Grid Ref:206.2 2317.89 (FR)   Map
Parish:Plumergat (Pluvergad) Stones:1
County:Morbihan (Mor-Bihan) , France Saint(s):Thuriau
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Davies et al/2000, 246: `Plumergat is in the southern Morbihan, 22km north of the coast (and 10km north of the site at Lomarec in Crac'h [LMARC]), and barely 7km south of the Landes de Lanvaux. It lies at 58m above sea level on a rise on the east of the Kersourde stream, one of the many tributaries of the Bono (which flows into the Auray estuary); the bedrock is granite. The surrounding land is good quality, mixed farming, land.

At the time of drawing the first cadastral map (1832) the church and its churchyard were focal to the settlement, as the church remains today (ADM 3P495 Plumergat section A4). The cemetery has since been resited on the outskirts of the bourg, in which there has been considerable building since the early 19th century.

Much of the surviving fabric of the parish church is romanesque and there are two separate chapels nearby; it is reasonable to suppose that there was a church on or near this site in the early middle ages, given the bourg's location at the centre of a plebs (an early medieval proto-parish) and the cluster of religious buildings. It was classified as an early primitive parish'.