Site: Phillack

Name:Phillack CISP No:PHLLK
Place:Phillack Grid Ref:SW 5655 3482 (GB)   Map
Parish:Phillack Stones:1
County:Cornwall (Kernow) , England Saint(s):Felec ; Felicitas
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Following notes from Thomas/1994, 197--198; see also 316:--

Phillack church stands in the lee of sand dunes beside Hayle's East Pool. Many early and medieval stone monuments including a Norman granite altar mensa, a Norman priest's tomb-slab, a possible pre-Norman Crucifixion panel, several pre-Norman granite crosses, a coped (11th? century) `hogback' grave cover, as well as an inscribed pillar were also found here. The churchyard has been, since the fifth or sixth century, a Christian focus with a series of churches. It may be partly sited on an Iron Age burial area with short stone cists. It is now part of the current church which is of Norman date.

The following notes are taken from Thomas/1994, 197--98:--

A major rebuilding of the church took place in 1856--7 when many antiquities were recovered (see site description). In 1973 some road-widening led to clipping back of the line of the churchyard wall on its southern curve, and small scale excavations took place. A sequence of graves were found including pre-Norman long-cist burials. From the lowest levels, sherds of imported East Mediterranean red slipware (Phocaean Red Slip, Form 3) was found, dating to the fifth or early sixth century.

The Phillack stone PHLLK/1, and another stone inscribed with only a chi-rho (Okasha/1993, No. 40) were found during the rebuilding works of 1856 when a wall was dismantled.