Site: Kilcolman

Name:Kilcolman (Cill na gColmán) CISP No:MAUIG
Place:Maumanorig (Mám an Oraigh) Grid Ref:Q 386 18 (IR)   Map
Parish:Corkaguiney Stones:1
County:Kerry (Ciarraí) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Cuppage et al/1986, 332--333: `An Early Christian church site lying on the S slopes of an E--W spur of Lateevemore, overlooking Ventry Harbour. It consists of a circular enclosure within which are the reputed site of a church (1), the foundations of a least two huts (2) and a number of graves and gravemarkers (3) which probably relate to the use of the site, until the 19th century, as a calluragh burial ground (OSNB Marhin, 14). Also within the site are a cross-inscribed ogham stone (4), a small cross inscribed stone (5), a holed stone (6) and 3 bullaun stones (7). Another cross-inscribed stone (8) has been incorporated into the lane boundary wall on the N side of the field in which the enclosure is situated, and S of the enclosure is a holy well (9) dedicated to St. Brendan.

The enclosure, 44m N--S x 47m E--W internally, is defined by an earthen bank, faced in parts with drystone walling, and overlain or replaced in sections by modern stone walls. The SW sector is defined by a straight field wall but a slight platform outside probably indicates the original outline. Where best preserved the bank averages about 1m in height. A narrow terrace outside the S part of the enclosure is revetted on its downward edge with drystone masonry. There is a 2m wide entrance gap at NW. The interior slopes downhill to SW but is divided E--W into an upper and lower terrace by a low meandering scarp'.