Site: Maryport

Name:Maryport (n/a) CISP No:MAPOR
Place:Maryport (n/a) Grid Ref:NY 380 3730 (GB)   Map
Parish:inc (n/a) Stones:2
County:Cumbria (n/a) , England Saint(s):none
Site Type:other

Site Notes

Collingwood/Wright/1965, 270--271, the site of Maryport lies on the river Ellen, and was known by the name Alauna in the Roman period.

Dark/Dark/1996, 63, argue that it was part of a functioning post-Roman defensive system for northern Britain.

A substantial collection of Roman inscriptions, RIB nos. 808-879, survive from this site.

Jarrett/1976, has a full discussion of the fort of Maryport during the Roman period.