Site: Llantysilio-y-Ial

Name:Llantysilio-y-Ial CISP No:LTYSL
Place:Llantysilio-y-Ial Grid Ref:SJ 2030 4450 (GB)   Map
Parish:inc Stones:1
County:Denbighshire (Dinbych) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Macalister/1949, 145--146, `standing on a low mound of earth and stones, in the third field to the north of Valle Crucis stone cist was discovered, containing a skeleton and what is described as `a large piece of silver coin', which `was kept': though it would be futile to try and find where it is now. The skull was taken to Trevor Hall, and there gilded `to preserve it': after which it was restored to the tumulus. This interment [sic] must have been older than the time of Concenn, who simply adapted a burial-mound already existing...These facts were ascertained in 1827 from a man who was engaged in the excavation'.

Nash-Williams/1950, 125, `Excavation made in the mound at the time of the re-erection revealed `a sort of stone box or coffin' containing an inhumation burial, presumably of Eliseg himself'.