Site: Lethnot

Name:Lethnot [Also: Lethnott] CISP No:LTHNT
Place:Lethnot parish church Grid Ref:NO 5422 6823 (GB)   Map
Parish:Lethnot and Navar Stones:1
County:Forfar , Scotland Saint(s):Mary
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

NMRS/NO56NW16: `The remains of the parish church, built in 1827, obviously on the site of the medieval church of St Mary, mentioned in 1384 and possibly an earlier church, since excavation beneath the floor in 1886 produced a medieval stone coffin and a fragment of a cross...Two stones bearing the dates 1672 and 1742 built into the base of the belfry presumably indicate the dates of work done on the former church, which in 1676 was known as Lead Kirk, from having a lead-covered roof'. A further inspection in 1958 notes: `Church ruins. Medieval coffin and date-stones not seen'.

Close by is St Mary's Well (NGR NO 5425 6814). NMRS/NO56NW16: `spring emits from a natural bank. There is no built-up well about it. A holy well which has always borne the name of St Mary's Well. Silver coins and other votive offerings have been found in it'.

Mentioned in 1384.