Site: Logie Elphinstone

Name:Logie Elphinstone CISP No:LPHIN
Place:Logie Elphinstone Grid Ref:NJ 7034 2588 (GB)   Map
Parish:Chapel of Garioch Stones:1
County:Aberdeenshire , Scotland Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Forsyth/1996, 385: `According to Stuart there were formerly four stones lying `a short distance from one another' on the Moor of Carden to the west of their current position (quoting the New Statistical Account of Aberdeenshire, 1843, p. 638). About 1821 the moor was planted and the stones built into the enclosing wall of one of the plantations. They were later erected in the garden of Logie Elphinstone House'.