Site: Lomarec, Crac'h

Name:Lomarec, Crac'h (Krac'h) CISP No:LMARC
Place:Lomarec (Lomareg) Grid Ref:200.74 2308.16 (FR)   Map
Parish:Crach (Krac'h) Stones:1
County:Morbihan (Mor-Bihan) , France Saint(s):Andrew
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Davies et al/2000, 191--192: `The chapel at Lomarec lies at 10m above sea level. It is set 50m to the east of the hamlet of Lomarec and lies beside a stream 300m west of the Auray river and less than 200m from an inlet to the north east, about 1.4km south of the centre of the town of Auray and less then 1km north of the château Plessis-Kaer, whose owner (the distinguished antiquary Christophe Paul Sire de Robien) bought the chapel in 1729. The Auray river is wide at this point but in Roman and medieval times was crossed at Auray itself by the route from Vannes to Locmariaquer.

Traces of buildings pre-dating the Lomarec chapel were noticed near the chapel and Bernier recovered `Gallo-Roman' pottery outside it, as well as Samian from within the building. The chapel therefore lies close to a major waterway and major early route, and may well be close to a Roman settlement site; it is also no more than 250m from the foot of the hill Mané-Justice [see CRACH/1].

The 1831 cadastral map clearly shows the close relationship of the chapel to the inlet and to a plot of associated land, both chapel and plot being labelled en ilis, `the church' (ADM 3P362 Crac'h section C1). This may reflect part of the outline of an earlier ecclesiastical enclosure'.