Site: Llanmadoc

Name:Llanmadoc (Llanmadog) CISP No:LMADC
Place:Llanmadoc (Llanmadog) Grid Ref:SS 4388 9343 (GB)   Map
Parish:Llanmadoc (Llanmadog) Stones:1
County:Glamorgan (Morgannwg) , Wales Saint(s):Madog
Site Type:modern secondary

Site Notes

Westwood/1879, 383: `This stone and other relics of antiquity in the neighbourhood will be illustrated by the Rector, the Rev. J. D. Davies, in his `History of West Gower', of which the first part has just appeared, including also the very early quadrangular ecclesiastical bell which was ploughed up in a field in the parish of Llanmadoc, and was given by the Rector to C. R. Mansell Talbot, Esq., and is now preserved in the museum at Penrice Castle. It was made of sheet-iron, and had formerly been covered with some bright shining substance like gold, some portions of which still adhere to the thin corroded shell of the bell. The clapper was attached, but owing to a fracture in the side of the bell its sounding properties are of course destroyed. It is about 6 inches high. This is here mentioned as supplemental to my papers on ecclesiastical hand-bells in the early volumes of the Achaeologia Cambrensis.

In addition to several cairns to the south of Llanmadoc, there is a tall pillar-stone to the south-west, as marked in the Ordnance Map'.