Site: Kervily

Name:Kervily CISP No:LGUID
Place:Kervily Grid Ref:173.58 2317.15 (FR)   Map
Parish:Languidec (Langedig) Stones:1
County:Morbihan (Mor-Bihan) , France Saint(s):none
Site Type:modern secondary

Site Notes

Davies et al/2000, 219: `Kervily lies inland in the southern Morbihan, 20km from the sea, at 45m above sea level, near the source of the stream (Goah) and near the foot of a low hill. The bedrock is metamorphic, about 350m from the granite. The place today is a small hamlet, in mixed farm land, close to the commune boundary, in a landscape of dispersed small hamlets, about 5km north of Langombrac'h [see LDAUL/1] and 20km north west of Crac'h, the original findspot of the related stone [see CRACH/1].

At the time the first surviving cadastral map was drawn, in 1835, there was a similar dispersed settlement pattern and the hamlet of Kervily was much the same size as it is today, although the Languidic/Landévant road, which has subsequently been routed 750m to the east, ran through the settlement (ADM 3P419 Languidic section S1). There is nothing, from either the 19th century or the 20th, that positively indicates any early medieval use of this site'.