Site: Llandough

Name:Llandough (Llandochau) CISP No:LDOUG
Place:Llandough (Llandochau) Grid Ref:ST 1679 7325 (GB)   Map
Parish:Llandough, Cogan and Leckwith (Llandochau, Cogan a Lecwydd) Stones:1
County:Glamorgan (Morgannwg) , Wales Saint(s):Dochdwy
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Allen/1904, 247: `The village of Llandough (pronounced Llandorf) is situated three miles south-west of Cardiff'.

Not far from from the site of the cross and church, a major late Roman/Medieval cemetery has been excavated, in 1990, from which 858 burials were recovered. Radiocarbon dates of A.D. 535, 840 and 880 (Stuiver calibration) have been obtained. Earlier excavations by Alcock suggested an early medieval workshop nearby, while material in the Book of Llandaff refers to a monastery at Llandough from at least the 8th to 11th century (CurrArch/1996, 73--77). Davies/1982, 189--190: [At] Llandough burials were found very near the Roman villa and the medieval church radiocarbon analysis indicates dates for burials centering on the eighth century at Llandough'. Also see fig. 64 for plan of the site at Llandough.