Site: Lackabane

Name:Lackabane CISP No:LABAN
Place:Lackabane Grid Ref:W 491 828 (IR)   Map
Parish:East Muskerry Stones:1
County:Cork (Corcaigh) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:souterrain

Site Notes

Power et al/1997, 281 (8911): `Souterrain. In levelled ringfort (8455). Investigated by J. P. McCarthy in early 1980s. Single rectangular stone-built chamber (L. 3.48m; Wdt 1.2m; H 1.5m; long axis NNE--SSW), roofed with lintels. Basal course of walls composed of stone slabs (H O.5m; 1m x 0.4m). Ogham inscription on one lintel (7975). (pers. comm. J.P. McCarthy)'.

Power et al/1997, 227 (8455): `Ringfort. In pasture. Depicted as hachured circular enclosure (diam. c. 30m) on 1842, 1904 and 1939 OS maps. Levelled; no visible surface trace. Souterrain (8911) in interior. According to Hartnett (1939, 200) `surrounded by a modern 5 foot fence, built on the old rampart'. There is an entrance to the E. Diameter - 126 feet'.