Site: Knockshanawee

Name:Knockshanawee CISP No:KNWEE
Place:inc Grid Ref:W 452 691 (IR)   Map
Parish:East Muskerry Stones:6
County:Cork (Corcaigh) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:souterrain

Site Notes

Power et al/1997, 281: `Souterrain. In NW quadrant of ringfort (8447). Excavations in 1910 by Messrs. Cremin and Murphy revealed a chamber which was described by Lee (1911, 59) as `nine feet square, roofed by large flag stone supported on massive uprights. Entrances to a south-eastern chamber and also one to the north-east' were inaccessible. In the same report further information is added by Mr. Cremin who noted that the chamber was `7 feet high. The roofing flags are 9 feet in the clear and about 18 inches wide, while the supporting pillars are 7 feet high by 12 inches wide and 9 inches thick' (ibid. 61--2). Souterrain now indicated by L-shaped depression (D c. 1m) running for 6m NW--SE and then 3m NE'.

Power/etal/1997, 226: `Ringfort. In pasture, just below crest of hill, on N-facing slope. Circular raised area (diam. 29m) enclosed by earthen bank (int. H 1.3m; ext. H 3.6m) with external fosse (D 1m). Entrance (Wth 4m) to NE with causeway across fosse. Field-clearance stones dumped in fosse to S. Interior saucer-shaped; souterrain (8910) with ogham NW quadrant. Field boundaries c. 5m outside fosse surround enclosure to W, N and E. Upright stone (H 1.4; 0.67m x 0.12m) just outside fosse to N of causeway, embedded in concrete for use as a gate pillar'.