Site: Knockrour

Name:Knockrour [Also: Oughtihery] CISP No:KNOUR
Place:inc Grid Ref:W 419 800 (IR)   Map
Parish:East Muskerry Stones:2
County:Cork (Corcaigh) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Power/etal/1997, 314: `Possible early ecclesiastical site. In level pasture. Subcircular area (c. 85m N--S; c. 90m E--W) bisected by N--S road; enclosure defined by low undulation N-->S, clearly visible from the air (CASAP), low earthen bank with external silted fosse S-->NW, and by almost entirely leveled bank NW-->N. Entrance feature to SSW consists of two parallel upright stones (H. 1.85m; 0.4m x 0.4m) set 1.7m apart; possible ogham inscription on westernmost stone (7996 [KNOUR/2]). Third low upright stone c. 2.5m to N. Raised area, possibly an internal division, extends from bank to NW towards centre of site. Most of `earthen rampart' (Brash 1879, 132) removed by landowner in early 19th century; the remaining portion included entrance feature, which is marked `Dallauns' on 1842 OS map; this map does not show enclosure itself but does mark an unenclosed `Kill Burial Ground' in vicinity of entrance (see 9357). Brash (ibid.) also notes that landowner reused `considerable number of pillar stones' from site; on at least two occasions in early 19th century, `cist-formed graves' (ibid. 133) uncovered within enclosure (see 9357). Two further possible ogham stones (7993 [KNOUR/1], 7994 [deemed by Macalister/1945, 112, to be a forgery]) also associated with this enclosure; souterrain (8925) just inside levelled bank to N. Ballaun stone to SW. All these factors suggest that this may be an early ecclesiastical site'.