Site: Kilgobnet

Name:Kilgobnet (Cill Ghobnait) CISP No:KLGOB
Place:Kilgobnet (Cill Ghobnait) Grid Ref:V 820 915 (IR)   Map
Parish:Dunkerron North Stones:3
County:Kerry (Ciarraí) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:souterrain

Site Notes

Macalister/1945, 206, refers to Brash being told that one of the stones from this site [KLGOB/1] had come from a souterrain. On 205, he states that another stone [KLGOB/2] had been found `standing in the middle of a field ... about eight miles west of Kilarney and south of the river Laune' and that Casey, its finder, had stated that `there is no other vestige of antiquity about the place''.