Site: Derrynaflan

Name:Derrynaflan (Doire na bhFlann) CISP No:DERFL
Place:Derrynaflan (Doire na bhFlann) Grid Ref:not recorded
Parish:Lurgoe Stones:1
County:Tipperary (Tiobraid Árann) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Okasha/Forsyth/2001, 196--197: `Derrynaflan is a virtual island, c. 30 hectares in extent, in the extensive bog of Littleton. It is mentioned as Daire na Fland, `oak-grove of the Flanns', and under its earlier name Daire Eidnech, `ivied oak-grove', in several hagiographical sources .. Situated on the border of Éile and Éogonacht ... Derrynaflan appears to have flourished between the early eighth century and the early-to-mid ninth century when it was one of the most important centres of the céli Dé reform movement ... After the death in 847 of its patron Feidlimid mac Crimthainn, King-Bishop of Cashel, the monastery appears to have declined although there are ruins of ecclesiastical buildings of possibly thirteenth-century date ... The famous hoard of ecclesiastical silver was discovered in 1980 as a result of unlicensed digging. It was concealed near the pre-Romanesque church within the monastic enclosure and had probably been buried there in the later ninth or tenth century. The objects were made at different periods through the eighth and early ninth centuries, that is, during the site's hey-day ... The standing remains at Derrynaflan include a pre-Norman single-celled church without antae ... and to the north-east a trapezoidal enclosure, open on one side. The presence of some carved medieval slabs indicate that this was a graveyard'.