Site: Pentrey Goch Garreg

Name:Pentrey Goch Garreg CISP No:CRAI
Place:Pentrey Goch Garreg Grid Ref:SN 8770 2350 (GB)   Map
Parish:Crai Stones:1
County:Brecknock (Brycheiniog) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:Indeterminate

Site Notes

Lhwyd/1910, 85: `In a garden at Pentry Goch garreg in ye parish of Dyvynog, Brecknock...This formerly belonged to an old chappel by report call'd Cappel y fynwent'.

Nash-Williams/1950, 69, cites Llwyd's Parochialia and adds: `(? = Goch Garreg on the W. outskirts of Crai)'.