Site: Coumeenoole North

Name:Coumeenoole North (Com Dhíneol Thuaidh) CISP No:COUME
Place:Coumeenoole North (Com Dhíneol Thuaidh) Grid Ref:V 310 983 (IR)   Map
Parish:Corkaguiney Stones:1
County:Kerry (Ciarraí) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Cuppage/etal/1986, 89: `This large headland, rising 328 feet/100m OD, projects W into the Blasket Sound at the extreme W tip of the Dingle Peninsula. A bank and external fosse, with a low outer bank run N-S across the headland for about 500m...Macalister was informed that a souterrain, containing bones and a cross-inscribed stone, had once been uncovered on the headland'.