Site: Coolmagort

Name:Coolmagort (Cúil má Ghort) CISP No:COOLM
Place:Coolmagort (Cúil má Ghort) Grid Ref:V 880 910 (IR)   Map
Parish:Dunkerron North Stones:7
County:Kerry (Ciarraí) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:souterrain

Site Notes

Macalister/1945, 191: `souterrain'.

OSullivan et al/1996, 227: `souterrain...a short distance W of the river Loe...the accessible section of its passage was c. 5.7m in overall length and averaged 1.3m in height...Access was gained through an opening at S, where the passage was 7 feet (2.15m) wide. From here it curved to NE, decreasing in width to 3 feet 3 inches (1m). The walls were of drystone construction and inclined slightly to reduce the passage width at roof level'.