Site: Bedd Emlyn

Name:Bedd Emlyn [Also: Clochaenog] CISP No:CLOCG
Place:Bryn-y-Beddau Grid Ref:SJ 520 5320 (GB)   Map
Parish:Clocaenog Stones:1
County:Denbighshire (Dinbych) , Wales Saint(s):none
Site Type:cemetery

Site Notes

Nash-Williams/1936, 82: `Found in Clocaenog parish at Bedd Emlyn on the summit of Bryn y Beddau.'

Macalister/1945, 374: `Formerly on a mound at Bryn y beddau, known (from an old misreading of the inscription) as Bedd Emlyn, "Emlyn's grave" .'

Camden/Gough/1806, ii, 578: (following Lluyd) `On a dreary heath three miles from Ruthin, and a mile out of the road are two stones at each end of a grave, four feet asunder, the shortest three feet and an half high, the other six and an half, and out of its upright [sic] on the broadest face of which (being two feet and half) are these letters ... The grave is in a hollow eight feet diameter, and just below it is the tumulus called Krig Yryn.'

Macalister/1945, 375, cites Gentleman's Magazine (1803) p.418, for a local tradition that there had formerly been a third stone grouped with these two.

Jones/1898, 373--377, gives a detailed description of the site and its surrounds, he notices a number of stone circles in the region, and quotes a work of 1804 which tells of the stone being pulled down from an up-right position.

Bryn-y-Beddau means `Hill of the Graves' (Redknap/1991, 54)