Site: Buckland Monachorum

Name:Buckland Monachorum CISP No:BUCKM
Place:Buckland Monachorum Grid Ref:SX 4900 6800 (GB)   Map
Parish:Buckland Monachorum Stones:1
County:Devon , England Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Pearce/1982, 5, states that the stone is in the `south of the parish, near the farm house', and that `Perhaps it, too, originally marked a track running towards Buckland churchyard'.

Okasha/1993, 79: `The stone now stands in a field in the Parish of Buckland Monachorum. The owner of the land is not willing to allow publication of any further details of the location of the stone'. This makes a discussion of the site impossible.

No details of site known.