Site: Brookbrough, Aghavea

Name:Brookbrough, Aghavea CISP No:BRUGH
Place:Brookbrough, Aghavea Grid Ref:H 3900 4100 (IR)   Map
Parish:Magherastphana Stones:1
County:Fermanagh (Fear Manach) , Ireland Saint(s):Lasair
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Petrie/1878, 73: `Brookborough is situated in the parish of Aughavea, in the barony of Magherastephana, in the east of the county of Fermanagh...There was an ecclesiastical establishment here, which was probably of very ancient origin, for in the Martyrology, November 14, we read: - 'Lassar of Achadh-beithe, daughter of Ronan, son of Ninnidh, of the race of Eoghan, son of Niall'...This place is not mentioned in the Annals until the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries, when the deaths of three ecclesiastics there are recorded'.

Hamlin/2001, 58--59: `Aghavea is associated with Lasair, commemorated at 13 November in the Msrtyrology of Gorman (glossed 'of Achad Beithe'). A late Life of the Saint associates her with Aghavea and her bell was used for tax-collecting and holding water. The church re-emerges in written sources as a late medieval parish church, and the medieval and modern churches occupied the ancient church site. The present topography, including traces of a large curvilinear enclosure, indicates early activity, and the inscribed stone must fit at some poin in this long history'.