Site: Ballavarkish

Name:Ballavarkish CISP No:BRIDE
Place:Ballavarkish Grid Ref:NX 4590 70 (GB)   Map
Parish:Bride Stones:1
County:Isle of Man (Ynys Manaw/Ellan Vannin) , Isle of Man Saint(s):Mark
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Kermode/1994, Appendix B (=Kermode/1911--1912a), 15, argues that the site is that of a keeill.

A lack of excavation at the site has meant that the age of the keeill is not known. A nearby field is known as Faie Rollag, which Kermode/1911 suggests meant 'close of the graveyard', perhaps suggesting that there was a cemetery attached to the keeill.

Kermode/1994, Appendix B (=Kermode 1911--1912a), 15--18, argues that the inscriptions on the cross indicate a monastery on the site with a scriptoria.

Thomas/1971b, 190, on the basis of the inscriptions, suggests that it was a site which attracted pilgrims. Cubbon/1982, 265, agrees with this conclusion.