Site: Breastagh

Name:Breastagh CISP No:BREAS
Place:Breastagh Grid Ref:G 1830 3380 (IR)   Map
Parish:Tirawley Stones:1
County:Mayo (Maigh Eo) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Gippert/Web, Ogham 10: `According to Ferguson, PRIA 15, 1874, 201, this stone was found in April 1874 by one W.K. Dover in the farmlands of Breastagh, 350 yds. west of `Millaghnacross' (6"-map 6: Mullaghnacross) near by the road running from Killala to Foghill / Kilcummin, i.e. about 5 M from Aghaleague {9}. Ferguson underlines that the stone is located `centrally among several groups of Cromlechs, which are indicated in the same lands of Breastagh, and in the adjoining lands of Carbadmore and Rathfran' (cp. Rathfran Bay and Abbey). In OI, 58, Ferguson speaks of `the singularly Patrician character of its local surroundings', given that Foghill is `the site of the wood of Focluth', in the `immediate vicinity is Rathban, a residence of that Auley son of Fiachra, the contemporary of Patrick, from whom the barony takes its name', and `Fiersad Tresi, in which Tresi wife of Auley was drowned', etc.

Ferguson points to the fact that Rathfran `was undoubtedly a residence of Amalgaid, or Awley, the contemporary of Patrick, from whom the barony takes its name, and in Foghill we probably have some trace, in its northern limits, of that wood of Fochlaidh, celebrated in all lives of the saint'. He then reports about some further localities mentioned in the tradition about Amalgaid and his successors'.