Site: Ballinrannig

Name:Ballinrannig (Baile an Reannaigh) CISP No:BALIG
Place:Ballinrannig (Baile an Reannaigh) Grid Ref:Q 366 57 (IR)   Map
Parish:Corkaguiney Stones:8
County:Kerry (Ciarraí) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Cuppage/etal/1986, 250: `A large grass-grown, sandy knoll, crowned with a single ogham stone, is located at the base of a small promontory on the S shore of Smerwick Harbour'.

Macalister/1945, 144: `In 1782 a storm blew away an accumulation of sand, and revealed a series of seven Ogham-inscribed stones, in an ancient burial-ground, called Kilvickillane, on the shore of Smerwick Bay'.