Site: Ballynabortagh

Name:Ballynabortagh CISP No:BABOR
Place:Ballynabortagh Grid Ref:W 7030 8320 (IR)   Map
Parish:Barrymore Stones:2
County:Cork (Corcaigh) , Ireland Saint(s):none
Site Type:landscape setting

Site Notes

Macalister/1945, 62: `A site once bearing extensive earthworks, which were destroyed in the middle of the last century by the tenant, one Laurence Collins. Windele, in one of his notebooks, has preserved the following inventory of what in his time was to be seen here:

1. A holy well called Tobar Mire, shaded by two old whitethorns hung with rags.

2. A pile of large white quartz pebbles close by.

3. A large square enclosure (dimensions not recorded) surrounded by an earthen embankment, having a deep fosse outside, locally called Pairc a dalláin, "the field of the standing stone".

4. A quadrangular tumulus, with an uninscribed stone at each angle, 125' south of No. 3. Opened in 1839 without result.

5. A souterrain formed in hard boulder-clay, with a beehive-shaped chamber at the end. (Two chambers according to another account). This was to the N.W. of No. 4.

6. In a neighbouring field, another souterrain, stone-linedm 12 ft. long.

7. Inside the enclosure No. 3, four standing stones. One of these is the Ogham no. I. Twenty yards south of it was a pair of stones, one of which was the Ogham no. II. A short distance to the west of these was a solitary pillar with some flagstones laid down close by, probably the roofing stones of a souterrain.

Nothing remains of these, thanks to Laurence Collins'.