Site: Ardfert, Templenahoe

Name:Ardfert, Templenahoe (Ard Fhearta, Teampall na hÓige) CISP No:ARDF1
Place:Ardfert (Ard Fhearta) Grid Ref:not recorded
Parish:Ardfert (Ard Fhearta) Stones:1
County:Kerry (Cairraí) , Ireland Saint(s):Brendan ; Erc
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Okasha/Forsyth/2001, 136: `Traditionally Ardfert has been associated with the sixth-century St Brendan and St Erc but there are no early Christian remains extant except for an ogham stone [ARDFE/1]. Throughout the medieval period Ardfert was an important ecclesiastical centre, and the see of a diocese (now part of Kerry) from the twelfth century. Today there are remains of several medieval buildings and there was a round tower until it fell down c. 1770. The ruined St Brendan's cathedral contains twelfth-century and later work. Templenahoe (Teampall na hÓige `church of the Virgin'), north-west of the cathedral, was completed some time before 1190, by Bishop O'Conarchy, who tied in 1193'.