Site: Knoc-y-doonee

Name:Knoc-y-doonee CISP No:ANDRS
Place:Andreas Grid Ref:NX 4040 220 (GB)   Map
Parish:Andreas Stones:1
County:Isle of Man (Ynys Manaw/Ellan Vannin) , Isle of Man Saint(s):none
Site Type:cemetery

Site Notes

Kermode/1910-1911, reprinted as Kermode/1994, Appendix A, 6, describes the site as a `keeill', and states that `we found certain traces of burial, but no lintels or formed graves'.

Kermode/1911-1912, reprinted as Kermode/1994, Appendix B, 15, illustrates a `pre-Scandinavian' cross found at Knoc y Doonee.

Kermode/1911, 23--39, gives a detailed description of the site.

Cubbon/1982, 259: `the burial ground of the keeill at Knock y Doonee, Andreas'.