Site: Ackergill

Name:Ackergill CISP No:ACKGL
Place:Ackergill Grid Ref:ND 3483 5499 (GB)   Map
Parish:Wick Stones:1
County:Caithness , Scotland Saint(s):none
Site Type:cemetery

Site Notes

Forsyth/1996, 11: `...the north-west corner end of a long mound near Ackergill Tower in the parish of Wick, Caithness. .. It was excavated by Edwards in the 1920s and found to contain several long cist graves in rectangular cairns. Further graves were later uncovered during the building of a road, and as a result of coastal erosion in the early 1980s (OS record card). In conjunction with the graves found at Keiss Bay, the linear inhumation cemetery at Ackergill comprises the southern part of a concentration of burials almost two miles in length. Edwards uncovered sixteen burials in ten separate graves: two isolated cists, one isolated round cairn and the rest long cists covered by square or rectangular kerbed cairns of a typically Pictish form'.