Site: Abernethy

Name:Abernethy CISP No:ABNTY
Place:Abernethy Grid Ref:NO 1900 1640 (GB)   Map
Parish:inc Stones:1
County:Perthshire , Scotland Saint(s):none
Site Type:ecclesiastical

Site Notes

Forsyth/1996, 2--4: `Documentary sources indicate that Abernethy, situated near the confluence of the Tay and the Earn was one of the principal ecclesiastical sites of early medieval Scotland. The name, significantly, is P-Celtic, attested in the Pictish Chronicle as Abur-nethige. .. Though Abernethy appears to have been marginalized after the elevation of Dunkeld, it remained an important and wealthy ecclesiastical centre. By the early twelfth century the house there consisted of a community of celí dé with a number of ordinary clerici'.