Future work

Then following tasks need to be completed.

  1. Images -- images need to be scanned and then input to the database.
  2. Linguistic indexing system needs to be completed and data input.
  3. Expansion of the SPECIAL tables to create a palaeographic indexing system.
  4. The creation of a Users database application on the Web or on CD. This must include:
    1. Easy browsing and searching including images.
    2. Possibility of printing reports.
  5. The decoration codes and inscribed crosses need to be checked by someone with a greater knowledge of medieval art.
  6. The monument form entries need to be checked for consistency.
  7. The linking table between NAMES and the bibliography has not been filled in.
  8. The REGION table is currently empty.
  9. site_history and site_description were in practice difficult to split and in most cases all data has been entered to one field. This needs to be standardised by merging all entries to one field and dropping the other.
  10. The incision field needs a controlled vocabulary, and entries standardised to it.
  11. The grid references for all but the Dumnonia entries are lacking.

Mike Gahan 2000-10-18