Changes in the CISP database since original release of the manual

This appendix lists some of the more major changed in the database since the release of the first manual dated March 25th, 1997.

Logical fields

On the advice of Nick Ryan who kindly looked through the original manual, many logical fields were deleted. This is because they could create inconsistencies in the database. For example, it would have been possible to select `Yes' for the logical field Inscribed cross without actually entering data for the cross in the appropriate table. By removing this field, one is forced to check for the presence of an inscribed cross by seeing if there is an entry in the appropriate table.

The SITE_TYP table

This table was simplified greatly from the original scheme as it was felt that in many cases it was difficult or impossible to assign sites to one of the original categories.

The DECOR_CD table

This table was simplified greatly from its original hierarchical form.

The archive subsystem

This was abandoned as this information did not require cataloging as part of this database. The primary part of the archive which will be included are the images which will be stored as part of the image sub-system.

Formulae and the linguistic index

The formula structure originally used was found to be unworkable in practice. This has been replaced by the linguistic indexing system.

Mike Gahan 2000-10-18