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Institute project wins Verbruggen Prize

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Beyond the Burghal Hidage, winner of the 2013 Verbruggen Prize

The book resulting from the Institute's Beyond the Burghal Hidage research project has won the 2013 Verbruggen Prize for the best book on medieval military history.

Ivories from Nimrud VII

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Nimrud ivory (© Stuart Laidlaw)

The publication of Ivories from Nimrud (1949-1963) VII, Ivories from Rooms SW11/12 and T10 Fort Shalmaneser by Georgina Herrmann and Stuart Laidlaw will be celebrated with a special launch event at the British Academy.

Institute project to feature on BBC's Ice Age Giants

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BBC2's new series 'Ice Age Giants' with Prof Alice Roberts

Research from the UCL Institute of Archaeology is to feature on the new BBC2 series Ice Age Giants presented by Alice Roberts.  

IoA Rock Art Fieldtrip - Dordogne 2013

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In front of the heavy bronze door of the famous Lascaux cave

A group of Institute students has recently returned from the Dordogne where they gained unprecedented access to Palaeolithic decorated cave sites.

Elizabeth Graham on the lost 'White City' of Honduras

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Foliage (Image © UCL Media Services)

Elizabeth Graham was the invited expert in a recent podcast discussion about the potential discovery of the lost 'White City'.

Popular Antiquities 2013: Call for Papers

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Popular Antiquities 2013 conference

The third multidisciplinary conference on 'Popular Antiquities: Folklore and Archaeology' will be held at the Institute on 12 & 13 October 2013. The deadline for the call for papers is 28 June 2013. 

UCL Connections awarded Digital Humanities Prize

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Virtual reality visualisation developed by the Warbrand team

The UCL Connections project, involving Institute PhD researcher, Jia Liu, was the winning project at UCL's Digital Humanities prize workshop.

Job Vacancy: Teaching Fellow in Environmental Archaeology

Publication date:

Sesame seeds

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Teaching Fellow in Environmental Archaeology (Ref.:1333179). The deadline for applications is 27 May 2013.

Launch of new student exhibition at the Institute

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Launch of new student exhibition at the Institute on Food in Social Relationships

The opening of the new student exhibition, The Key Ingredient: Food in Social Relationships, will be marked by a reception at the Institute this evening.

Ground-breaking research at the Institute on human impact on the environment

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Alison Wesskopf studying traditional rice cultivation in Laos

Dorian Fuller's research project on the evolution of rice systems from China to Southeast Asia, funded by a major new NERC award, has begun at the Institute.

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