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UCL Archaeologists in Elizabethan Thames Pageant

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One of the artefacts recovered from the Gresham Ship, after conservation

It’s not every day that an Elizabethan shipwreck is driven across middle England and dropped into a lake in Leicestershire, but that’s exactly what’s happening this week.

Climate Change led to Collapse of Ancient Indus Civilisation

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Morphology of the western Indo-Gangetic plain with interfluves (in gray mask), incised valleys (no mask), terrace edges (as dashed black lines), and active and fossilized river channels (in blue).

A new study, involving the Institute's Dorian Fuller, published this month in PNAS, provides evidence that climate change was a key ingredient in the collapse of the great Indus or Harappan Civilisation almost 4000 years ago.

Archaeology and Economic Development Conference

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The community artisan market at the Inca ceremonial site of Raqchi, Peru (Image courtesy of Peter Gould)

The Institute will host the Archaeology and Economic Development conference (AED2012) on 21-22 September and registration is now open for the event.

Alchemy and metallurgical ceramics

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archaeometallurgical sample

Marcos Martinón-Torres has been describing various aspects of his research on alchemy and metallurical ceramics at recent public lectures in the UK and abroad.

Institute students join NARNIA course in Cyprus

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UCL team at NARNIA training course on Cyrpus, May 2012

Institute students recently participated in a week-long course on the archaeometallurgy of Cyprus organised by the Marie-Curie funded NARNIA Initial Training Network.

Understanding pottery technology

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Institute students in front of a bottle shaped kiln while on a field trip to Gladstone Pottery Museum

Institute Masters students taking the Interpreting Pottery course recently enjoyed a two-day field trip to Stoke-on-Trent led by Bill Sillar.  

New research under development in Iraqi Kurdistan

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Developing new fieldwork projects in Iraqi Kurdistan

Staff from the Institute of Archaeology and UCL Qatar recently visited Iraqi Kurdistan to develop new fieldwork projects, supported by an award from UCL Grand Challenges

75th Anniversary Gordon Square events - 8 & 9 June 2012

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Institute of Archaeology 75th anniversary in 2012

The Institute's 75th anniversary celebrations continue with two days of activities in Gordon Square Gardens on 8 & 9 June.

Public Archaeology students putting theory into practice

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MA Public Archaeology students on a recent fieldtrip to Scotland and northern England

MA Public Archaeology students recently enjoyed a five-day educational trip to Scotland and northern England to investigate how archaeology is communicated to the public.

Folklore & Archaeology Conference: call for papers deadline approaching

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Wayland Smithy Neolithic Long Barrow (Photo: Tina Paphitis)

The second multidisciplinary conference on 'Popular Antiquities: Folklore and Archaeology' will be held at the Institute on 13 & 14 October 2012. The deadline for the call for papers is 31 May 2012.

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