Job Vacancy: Leverhulme Trust-funded Research Associate

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mathematical modelling

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Associate (Ref.: 1460758). The deadline for applications is 31 May 2015.

View from the trenches: Bosnia & Herzegovina (2015)

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Bosnia & Herzegovina fieldwork (2015)

Marc Vander Linden, Jane Gaastra and students Ivana Jovanović, Anne de Vareilles and Leon Veal have recently returned from the 2015 field season in northern Bosnia&Herzegovina, led by the EUROFARM project.

Institute student wins Bernd Breuckmann award

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Institute student Emma Payne receiving the Bernd Breuckmann award for 2014

Institute student Emma Payne has won the Bernd Breuckmann Award for 2014 which supports 3D scanning projects in the Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Review of Sierra Leone’s heritage legislation

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Ruins of the slave fort on Bunce Island in the Sierra Leone River, one of Sierra Leone’s most celebrated heritage sites, declared a national monument under the Monuments and Relics Act in 1948. Photo: Paul Basu.

Paul Basu has been commissioned by the Government of Sierra Leone to undertake a review of its heritage legislation.

YAC wins 2015 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage

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Cannibalistic habits of Ice Age Britons

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Human skull cup (Image courtesy of the NHM)

Collaborative research on human remains from Gough’s Cave in Somerset, involving the Institute's Simon Parfitt, confirms Ice Age Britons had cannibalistic habits.

SAA 2015: Diversity of Institute's outstanding research highlighted

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Society for American Archaeology logo

The diversity of the Institute's outstanding research and the extent of its collaborative links are being showcased at the Society for American Archaeology's 80th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

Digging up Jericho: Past, Present and Future

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Digging up Jericho: Past, Present and Future

An international symposium entitled 'Digging up Jericho: Past, Present and Future' will be held at the Institute on 29 & 30 June, for which registration is now open.

Uncovering Easter Island's secrets

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Statue at Ranu Raraku quarry

Sue Hamilton was recently interviewed by The Naked Scientists about her research on the meaning behind the iconic statues of Easter Island.

Mike Parker Pearson to give 2015 Beatrice de Cardi Lecture

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Stonehenge (Image © and courtesy of Lisa Preville)

Mike Parker Pearson has been invited to give the 2015 Beatrice de Cardi Lecture at the British Academy on 9 November.

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